Love Matese

“We invest our time in making you fall in love with our land”. This is the motto of Claudia Orsino and Angelo Rotunno, soul and body, heart and mind of Love Matese, a local brand with great vision that has its roots in sustainable tourism understood as a development model for minor areas shared with local communities. Clear ideas and bottom-up projects that involve local people and their values before anything else.

Bacco e Bivacco

Sara and Marco live in symbiosis with the Matese environment and perfectly cater to the passion felt by those who love outdoor tourism. Hiking on the Matese trails, but above all a reference point for fans of cycling tourism. Here, it is possible to set out to discover the most beautiful routes on both bikes and e-bikes, whether independently or with a guide. And finally, it is the chosen destination for paragliding enthusiasts who make their base here and then go off to discover the skies, walls and currents that make the Matese area a paradise in the air.

On the donkey trail

Welcome to the world of Nanà, where donkeys are masters of life and symbols of a rural culture of great wisdom. Here, any negative stereotypes of the donkey are overturned and the animal reveals its most profound qualities: faithful, tender, humble, curious and a friend to man; funny, nice, disproportionate, not elegant and proud like the horse, but stable, tenacious, calm and humane. Rediscovering emotional balance in tune with the environment and perceiving nature with new eyes is easy when you’re taking life slowly. Total nature immersion experiences are avail- able here for adults and children. It is a social space where the donkey becomes master in a human-animal relationship based on authentic, delicate and profound communication. 

ZAC and Greens

Their great-grandparents’ house is a link with a world now overwhelmed by the “stress of modern life”. It was here that Ivano and Ilaria decided to reconnect with their family roots, a time when lifestyles were inextricably linked to the rural dimension. And so in 2021, their learning farm was established to pass on their grandparents’ values and traditions to the children who are our future. ZAC and Greens is a project that explores identity and continuity in the name of wellbeing and sharing. The farm is home to farmyard animals, the pony, the cow, the donkey, the sheep, the goats and of course the vegetable garden. The farm is a mee ing point where Ivano and Ilaria’s ideas take shape with experiences of farm life along with local producers who explain and often work on their produce here.