Pizza Hub, journey to discover the territory inspired by franco pepe's pizza


An all-digital guide, signed by viatoribus, tells an innovative tour in which for the first time will be a pizza to indicate the route. The starting point - sensorial, metaphysical - is the pizza of Franco Pepe. The one of arrival is Caiazzo, small village of the high Caserta area. In between, the stages of a journey in the middle Matese and Volturno, to discover places, souls and landscapes of a generous land rich in values.

An intense experience inside flavors, essences, scents and a unique heritage of knowledge, inspired by the creations of an unusual pizza maker, who boasts international award and reveals, through the expert touch of his hands, the rare beauties, wild and intact, of a territory which is mostly unknown.

“since I was a boy I saw in the simplicity of a ball of dough and in its infinite variations a powerful narrative ability. And I made it a dream come true”, tells Franco Pepe since the beginning. A testimony collected by Enrico Caracciolo and Stefano Raso - founders of the editorial project - even before the birth of  Pepe In Grani, veritable research laboratory that Pepe dedicated to the pizza of his territory.

All around that dream “Pizza Hub - Journey to discover the territory inspired by Pepe in Grani's pizza” was born, a smart travel guide signed by Viatoribus that celebrates the hills, the villages, the vineyards, the olive groves to which Pepe has linked his ancient work to a contemporary vision

together with the artisans who, in those places, cultivate and transform raw and identity-based materials. Unmissable are the itineraries, excursions and recommended experiences. Pizza Hub is also a project involving a net of  over 30 local operators, through a training path and co-planning workshops. An ethical manifesto has already been created. The travel guide and the manifesto are only the first two steps of a shared path that wants to promote the territory and its excellences in a synergistic way.

Pizza Hub guide is all-digital, it has been designed to be used at best on traveler's smartphones and will soon be available in kindle format on  Amazon. The guide is free for Pepe in Grani's guests and for all visitors of the local realities and producers reported in it.